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Movie Tie-in

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1976 - the New York Review of Books - September 16, 1976, Volume XXIII, No 14 Uganda Horror, Garry Wills, Conor Cruise O'Brien; the Lardners, Naipaul on India
1 1976 - the New York Review of Books - September 16, 1976, Volume XXIII, No 14 Uganda Horror, Garry Wills, Conor Cruise O'Brien; the Lardners, Naipaul on India 
A. Whitney Ellsworth 1976 Fair 
Edge tears, waviness. Includes: Medical Nemesis by Ivan Illich (Lewis Thomas) ; Dead Heat for a Dumb-Out (Garry Wills) ; The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Harland Lane (Jonathan Miller) ; India: Synthesis and Mimicry (V. S. Naipaul) ; The Larndners (Orger Sale) ; Politics and Class Formation In Uganda by Mahmood Mamdani (Denis Hills) ; Amin's butchery (David Martin) ; TheLetters of J. R. Ackerley, the Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley (Stephen Spender) ; The Oxford Companion to Film; The Filmgoer's Companion (Mark Crispin Miller) ; Osward Mosley (David Pryce-Jones) ; On Revolt: Strtegies of National Liberation (Conor Cruise O'Brien) and more 
Price: 16.00 USD
2 36 Hours (Thirty-Six Hours) Hittleman, Carl K
Popular Library (PC1048) 1965 Paperback Good 
Light browning. Clean text. ; An MGM movie tie-in starring James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor. Screen play be George Seaton; Directed by George Seaton; produced by William Perlberg. Things happened to young, beautiful Anna Hedler that turned her into a robot-like creature. Could an American OSS major turn her around... A novel of intrigue and suspense 
Price: 6.00 USD
A Clockwork Orange, Burgess, Anthony
3 A Clockwork Orange Burgess, Anthony
Ballantine 1972 0345026241 / 9780345026248 Twelfth Printing Paperback Good 
Orange and white cover. Clean text, cover scratches. 15 years old Alex leads his gang of teenage rockers in all night orgies of random violence and destruction. 191 pages 
Price: 15.00 USD
4 A Pictorial History of the Western Film Everson, William K
The Citadel Press 1969 0806503424 / 9780806503424 First Edition Hard Cover Good with no dust jacket 
Ligt wear around the outer boards. Clean text; Illustrated history of the Western films. 246 pages; 
Price: 10.00 USD
Alexander Dovzhenko: Poet As Filmmaker Selected Writings, Carynnyk, Marco (editor and translator)
5 Alexander Dovzhenko: Poet As Filmmaker Selected Writings Carynnyk, Marco (editor and translator)
MIT Press 1973 0262040379 / 9780262040372 Hardcover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
Clean text, DJ has mild edge wear. 323 pages. Includes Translator's Note, Introduction, Autobiography, Notebooks, Chronology, Filmography, Notes, Index. Dovzhenko was a major Soviet filmmaker and screenwriter; ; 
Price: 15.50 USD
All My Best Friends, Burns, George; David Fisher
6 All My Best Friends Burns, George; David Fisher
Putnam 1989 0399135480 / 9780399135484 Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket 
Clean book, very good binding, DJ has scratches. Illustrated with photographs; ; 
Price: 5.25 USD
All Our Children From the Major BBC Television Series, Woodhead, Judith & Martin
7 All Our Children From the Major BBC Television Series Woodhead, Judith & Martin
Ringpress 1990 0948955015 / 9780948955013 Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket Illustrated by 
A major documentary series from BBC. Children from all over the world. Refugees, orphans, musicians. Illustrated with photos; 
Price: 6.00 USD
8 Chaplin Manvell, Roger
Little Brown 1974 Softcover Good Illustrated by Barry Moser, Cover Design 
Good to very good overall condition. Clean text, mild wear to the covers. Illustrated with photos; The Library of World Biography 
Price: 6.00 USD
Chester's Cameo Cinema: Summer 1976, Chester Wickwire; Chris Buchman, Jr
9 Chester's Cameo Cinema: Summer 1976 Chester Wickwire; Chris Buchman, Jr
Johns Hopkins University 1976 Good Illustrated by Rex Schneider 
Stapled wraps. 36 pages. Clean inside, outer wraps have creases, age broowning. Chester Wickwire, nickname of Chet the Jet, was a chaplain at the Johns Hopkins Univeristy - a Civil Rights Leader and founder of the Tutorial Projects whereby the proceeds from the Cinema were used to tutor inner city youngsters, provide juvenile deliquency and drug addiction counseling, etc. Chester's Cameo Cinema, an Activity of the Chaplain's Office of the Johns Hopkins University. Series compiled by Chris Buchman, Jr. Production Coordinator Jim Case. Cas Falkenham, technical. This brochure is dedicated to Leo F. Forbstein and Ub Iwerks. Brochure gives a description of Colour Pagentry programmes, Tales of the Supernatural, Sons of the Desert Comedy Club, Sunday Matinee. Index to Films. 36 pages. Clean inside, cover has some creases 
Price: 10.00 USD
Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear - Some Key Film-Makers of the Sixties, Taylor, John Russell
10 Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear - Some Key Film-Makers of the Sixties Taylor, John Russell
Hill and Wang 1964 Softcover Fair 
Clean text, cover has heavy creases. Contains 32 photos. Filmography and discussions of Fellini, Bunuel, Bresson, Bergman, Hitchcock, Antonioni 
Price: 6.50 USD
11 Cinema in Revolution: the Heroic Era of the Soviet Film Schnitzer, Luda & Marcel Martin & Jean Schnitzer
Hill & Wang 1973 0809013703 / 9780809013708 Softcover Good 
208 pages. Cover creased, brown age spots. Illustrated with photos. Includes 12 essays on Soviet film artists and Soviet film history, includes a photo of Yurkevitch and Picasso 
Price: 25.00 USD
12 Conan the Barbarian Movie Special #1 Buscema, John
Marvel Comics 1981 Comic Good 
Conan the Barbarian Movie Speical Vol 1, No. 1, Oct 1981. Movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Earl Jones. God 
Price: 5.00 USD
Coraline: Single-Disc Edition W/ 3D, Selick, Henry & Henry Selick & Bill Mechanic & Claire Jennings & Harry Linden & Mary Sandell & Neil
13 Coraline: Single-Disc Edition W/ 3D Selick, Henry & Henry Selick & Bill Mechanic & Claire Jennings & Harry Linden & Mary Sandell & Neil
Universal Studios 2009 DVD Near Fine 
Never watched DVD. Brand new. Includes two pair of 3-D glasses that are shinkwrapped, never opened, plus the movie. Movie is both 2-D and 3-D versions 
Price: 7.70 USD
14 Dance Party USA Cassata, Mary Anne
Mac Communications 1991 Softcover Good 
Stapled binding wraps. Top edge of papes and cover have creases. Clean inside. Illutrated with many photos. Bobby Catalano and Princess, Centerfold. Also includes: Cindy Stark, Rennie Harris, etc 
Price: 9.00 USD
Documentary Diary: an Informal History of the British Documentary Film, 1928-1939 (Review Copy), Rotha, Paul
15 Documentary Diary: an Informal History of the British Documentary Film, 1928-1939 (Review Copy) Rotha, Paul
Hill and Wang 1973 0809039338 / 9780809039333 Hardcover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
Includes Revew Slip from Hill and Wang. 304 pages. Illustrated with 32 plates, mostly from Rotha's films. One of Rotha's main purposed in writing this book was to record a great period in film history 
Price: 17.50 USD
16 Duel in the Sun Busch, Niven
World Publishing 1946 First Edition; Second Printing Hardcover Good with no dust jacket 
Text has no marks, has age browning. Brown cloth boards have scratches. Illusrated endpapers from the movie - Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones. Other photographs within from the David O. Selznick film which also include Joseph Cotten, Lionel Barrymore and Lillian Gish. Dedication page has tiny edge tear at the bottom. ; ; 
Price: 6.90 USD
Evergreen Review 19:  Cover Photo: 'the Blacks' by Jean Genet, Barney Rosset, editor
17 Evergreen Review 19: Cover Photo: 'the Blacks' by Jean Genet Barney Rosset, editor
Evergreen Review 1961 Softcover Good 
Cover photo: 'The Blacks' by Jean Genet. Includes John Rechy: A Quarter Ahead; Alexander Blok: The Twelve; Alexander Trocchi: From Cain's Book, Vol 2; Stromberg - Talk with Louis-Ferdinand Celine; Paul Blackburn: The Flies; Marcel Proust: The Sources of the Loir at Illiers; Leon-Paul Fargue: The American Frag, etc. Also Views and Reviews on Bix Beiderbecke and the White Man's Burden; Leroi Jones -- The New Sheriff; Death is a Letter That Was Never Sent; The Magic Box 
Price: 6.75 USD
18 Exit: a History of Movies in Baltimore Headley, Robert Kirk Jr
Robert Kirk Headley (Self-Published) 1974 Softcover Good 
Name inside crossed out, outer wraps have scuffing, creases, scratches, light margin marks noted in just a few places. 162 pages. Illustrated with 32 black and white plates; this book also includes detailed text, with line drawing layouts of the theatres. A history of the movie business in Baltimore, MD, divided by periods from the beginnings (1894-1907) to the 1970's.. One chapter is a devoted listing of all of Baltimore's movie houses 
Price: 175.00 USD
19 Film Culture no. 27 Mekas, Jonas (ed.)
Film Culture 1962 Paperback Fair 
All pages are intack, cover is present but became loose from the book. Includes: Filmograpy and interview with Robert Breer; Shirley Clarke shooting "the Cool World"- the movies starred real Harlem youth and some real gang members; Orson Welles documentation and broadcast; Drawings by Gretchen Weinberg; Seymour Stern interview; Auteur Theory ; Winter 1962-63 
Price: 20.00 USD
20 Film Culture No. 34 Fall 1964 Audrey Hepburn, George Cukor (Cover) Mekas, Jonas (editor-In-Chief)
Film Culture 1964 Softcover Good 
Clean inside, cover creases, scuffing. Interviews: George Cukor, Lewis Milestone, Curtis Harrington; Film Fantasies, Left and Right discussins on Advise and Consent and The Manchurian Candidate; Essay by Harris Dienstfrey on Robert Warshow; etc. Plus Drawing (Part II) by Luis Camnitzer; 
Price: 21.00 USD
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