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1 1962: the New York Times Cover: Castro, John F. Kennedy, Mikoyan, U Thant Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Chairman Of The Board
New York Times 1962 Newspaper Fair 
Section 4 of the New York Times, December 2, 1962. The News of the Week in Review. Photos of Premier Castro embracing Soviet Deputy Premier Mikoyan; Mikoyan with President Kennedy; Mikoyan with Secretary General U Thant. Back page lists 4 columns of books sold by the Marlboro Bookshop 
Price: 25.00 USD
1969: Los Angeles Free Press, Part 2 - October 17, 1969 Allen Ginsberg, Julius Lester, Jack Bruce
2 1969: Los Angeles Free Press, Part 2 - October 17, 1969 Allen Ginsberg, Julius Lester, Jack Bruce 
Los Angeles Free Press 1969 Newspaper Good 
Los Angeles Free Press, Part 2. Planet News Extra section, pages 33 - 47. Front cover features Allen Ginsberg with B&W photos, article by Allan Katzman on Planet News by Allen Ginsberg. Include article "Welfare Today" by Ray Schwartz, Population Study calls 1975 point of no return; The baby as Doomsday machine; "Hail, Hero" movie review, "Hair" cast members at Chino Prison; Music review on Lorrin. Hollander. Advertisements. Photos include Linda Rondstadt, John Stewart, Jack Bruce (John Symon. Asher Jack Bruce) , also poem byJulius Lester "The Third of September" 
Price: 30.00 USD
3 1969: This Week Magazine: June 14, 1969: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash 
United Newspapers Magazine 1969 Fair 
From Chicago Daily News. Photographer Dan Wynn jumped on stage and made the cover shot after Dylan and Cash finished rehearsing. Article entitled "Tracking Dylan in Cash Country" which includes a photo of Cash and Joni Mitchell. Also includes an open letter to President Nixon from golf pro Sam Snead. Creases, folds, tiny tear on front cover 
Price: 14.00 USD
4 1972 - Book World: the Washington Post - December 10, 1972 Winslow Homer, Henri Matisse, Van Gogh, Wizard of Oz Washington Post
Washington Post 1972 Fair 
December 1972. Features "The Doll" by Carl Fox, article by Anne Hollander. Other articles and reviews: Classics for Christmas by Joseph McLellan, "Homer But Not Epic" book by Winslow Homer, article by Bowden Broadwater; "A Fuzzy Portrait of the Artist" by Henri Matisse, article by Vivien Raymor, Strangers on the Earth: A Psychological Biography by Vincent van Gogh, article by Anthony Storr. Children's book article by Martin Williams "Following the Yellow Brick Road" includes an article and a drawing. Creases, tear on the front page 
Price: 15.00 USD
5 1972 - the New York Review of Books: April 20, 1972 Gore Vidal; W. H. Auden (Suicide) ; Richard Sennett (Women) I F. Stone (Busing) The New York Review Of Books
A. Whitney Elssworth 1972 Newsprint Fair 
Volume XVII, Number 7. Contents: W. H. Auden; I. F. Stone; Gore Vidal, Margot Hentoff; W. S. Merwin; Karl Miller; Richard Sennett; Neal Ascherson; Philip Rahy; Eric Foner and Naomi Foner, etc Creases, edge tearing 
Price: 10.00 USD
6 1972 - the New York Review of Books: August 31, 1972 Egypt's Moves; Virgil Thomson; John Womack; Yehoshua Arieli 
A. Whitney Ellsworth 1972 Ephemera Good 
Features: W. H. Auden: German Twenties; Virgil Thomson: Modern Music; Wo Are the Chicanos by John Womack; New Middle East: I. F. Stone: Egypt's Move; Yehoshua. Arieli: Israel Hurts Herself; Ellen Willis: Considering Psychotherapists 
Price: 10.00 USD
7 1972 - the New York Review of Books: Volume XIX, Number 4 September 21, 1972 Includes Letters from Owen Lattimore, Peter Forbes, Thomas Bottomore, Etc 
The New York Review 1972 Newsprint Good 
Includes: Alfred McCoy: The CIA-Harper & Row; Susan Sontag on Paul Goodman; The Photographs of Thomas Eakins, article by Lewis Mumford; Stuart Hampshire: C. P. Snow; Genovese: Slaves; Yosal Rogat: Nixon's Favorite Thinker, Fernando Pessoa: Selected Poems. Letters from Owen Lattimore, I. F. Stone, G. Singh, Stephen Spender, Peter Forbes, Norman Birnbaum, Tom Bottomore, Jack Newfield and others. Original newsprint. 43 pages 
Price: 15.00 USD
8 1972 - The New York Times Magazine: April 30, 1972 (Section 6) Cover: Detective Story - Albert Seedman 
The New York Times 1972 Ephemera Good 
Cover: Albert Seeman, New York City's chief of detectives. Features stories also include: A Utopian Alternative to Day Care Centers by William Shannon; Simeon Golar's City within a City by Joseph P. Fried; Ralph Ginzburg, Middlesex NJ and The first Amendment; 20 Million Italian-Americans Can't Be Wrong by Richard Gamino; Campaign Management by Calvin Trillin; fashions: Tennis by Patricia Peterson; Home Baked Heirlooms by Jean Hewitt; etc. Lots of fashions and advertising 
Price: 14.00 USD
9 1972 - the New York Times Magazine: March 5, 1972 Amazon Jungle (Cover) 
The New York Times Co 1972 Magazine Good 
Features : Brazil's "Green Hell' by Robert G. Hummerstone; The $2 Trillion Economy by Peter Passell and Leonard Ross; Pat Paulsen for President by James Conaway; Florida's Supersquare - A Man to Watch (Reubin O'Donovan Askew) ; The Lakers are Great, but Why aren't they champs by Steve V. Roberts; - Home: The House of 11 Levels by Norma Skurka 
Price: 10.00 USD
10 1972 the New York Times Magazine: October 15, 1972 Highway Fund, Sammy Davis Jr, Sargent Shirver, South Vietnam 
The New York Times Co 1972 Magazine Good 
Features The untrustworthy Highway Fund by William V. Shannon; also Sammy Davis Jr, Sargent Shriver, Aftermath of South Vietnam; The Watergate is a world unto itself; The Only Child; November 7 Politics and John Saladino designs, etc 
Price: 10.00 USD
11 1972: Fashions of the Times --The New York Times Magazine August 27, 1972 New York Fashions 
The New York Times 1972 Good 
New York - the Fashion Capital. . Part 2, Section 6, The New York Times Magazine. 96 pages 
Price: 20.00 USD
12 1972: the New York Review of Books: Volume XIX, Number 1, July 20, 1972 Populism, Chicago Surrealist Group, Noam Chomsky New York Review Of Books
A. Whitney Ellsworth 1972 Newsprint Good 
Includes: Wilfrid Sheed: The Mafia; McGovern - I. F. Stone: How RadicaliHe on Defense; Christopher Lasch: What is the New Populism; V. S. Pritchett: Simone de Beauvoir; Jason Epstein: Remembering Edmund Wilson, etc. Letters from George Rosen, Toby E. Huff, H. R. Trevor-Roper, Ned O'Gorman, Donald Henahan, Robert Craft, Chicago Surrealist Group, Roger Shattuck, and Noam Chomsky and others. Original newsprint. 35 pages 
Price: 16.00 USD
13 1972: the New York Times Book Review: June 1, 1972 I. F. Stone (Cover) ; Reinhard Gehlen 
A. Whitney Ellsworth 1972 Newsprint Good 
Volume XVII, Number 10. Includes: I. F. Stone -- Behind Nixon's Gamble: His Secret Plan Plus CIA, State and Defense Documents; Psyching Babies, Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies by Reyner Banham, New Borges, Spy Gehlen, The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp; Project for a Revolution in New York by Alain Robbe-Grillet; Harrisburg: The Politics of Salvation; Charles Rycroft: Playing and Reality by D W Winnicott and Therapeutic Consultations in Child Psychology. Note that there are marks on a few pages, creases 
Price: 12.00 USD
14 1973 - Book World: the Washington Post - April 29, 1973 Huey Newton, Revolutionary Suicide (Cover) Washington Post
The Washington Post 1973 Newsprint Good 
Features: The War After Vietnam; Back to Pitcairn, Malcolm Cowley on the Viking Portables. Front page: Revolutionary Suicide by Huey Newtown, reviewed by Lee Lockwood. Also Jewn-Jacques Rousseau by Croker, reviewed byJohn Weightman; Navigating the Rapids 1918-1971: From the Papers of Adolf A. Berle, reviewed by Kenneth S. Davis; Zen, Drugs and Mysticism by Zaehner reviewed by Alex Comfort 
Price: 21.00 USD
1973 - Book World: the Washington Post - May 13, 1973 Vint Lawrence, Motown, War on Drugs, Washington Post
15 1973 - Book World: the Washington Post - May 13, 1973 Vint Lawrence, Motown, War on Drugs Washington Post
The Washington Post 1973 Newsprint Fair 
Cover: Anthony Marro on the Drug War, reviewing The American Disease by Musto and The Drug Hang-up by Rufus King. Also: The Great American Novel by Philip Roth, review by Webster Scott; Breakfast of Champion or Goodbye Blue Monday by Vonnegut reviewed by S. K. Oberbeck - drawings by Vint Lawrence. Casanova of the Keyboard - My Young Years by Arthur Rubinstein, review by Richard Freedman; Children's Book World section includes Why Do You Like This Book; Must I Be Like You by Bruce Cook; When I Grow Up by Joyce Alpern; Where Do Babies Come From, review by Mary Breasted; Who Pulled the Plug by Virginia Haviland ; On Music - A Good Day for Black Rock by Tom Zito. Edges have chipping 
Price: 18.00 USD
16 1973 - Book World: the Washington Post Malcolm X - Feature Washington Post
The Washington Post 1973 Newsprint Good 
Book reviews: Feature article - The Death and Life of Malcolm X, article by John Blassingame, includes a photo image of Malcolm. Also reviews on George C. Marshall, States of Ireland, Death As a Fact of Life, Blue Hill Avenue, Getting Out; Cairo: The Fatal Passion; Victoria De los Angeles and Alicia De Larrocha, Mysteries and Eschenbach: Piano; Michelangeli: Forte 
Price: 28.00 USD
1976 - the New York Review of Books - September 16, 1976, Volume XXIII, No 14 Uganda Horror, Garry Wills, Conor Cruise O'Brien; the Lardners, Naipaul on India
17 1976 - the New York Review of Books - September 16, 1976, Volume XXIII, No 14 Uganda Horror, Garry Wills, Conor Cruise O'Brien; the Lardners, Naipaul on India 
A. Whitney Ellsworth 1976 Fair 
Edge tears, waviness. Includes: Medical Nemesis by Ivan Illich (Lewis Thomas) ; Dead Heat for a Dumb-Out (Garry Wills) ; The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Harland Lane (Jonathan Miller) ; India: Synthesis and Mimicry (V. S. Naipaul) ; The Larndners (Orger Sale) ; Politics and Class Formation In Uganda by Mahmood Mamdani (Denis Hills) ; Amin's butchery (David Martin) ; TheLetters of J. R. Ackerley, the Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley (Stephen Spender) ; The Oxford Companion to Film; The Filmgoer's Companion (Mark Crispin Miller) ; Osward Mosley (David Pryce-Jones) ; On Revolt: Strtegies of National Liberation (Conor Cruise O'Brien) and more 
Price: 16.00 USD
1979: New York Daily News: March 2, 1979 US Peace Plan - Israel - Jimmy Carter; Muhammed Ali and Kent Green'
18 1979: New York Daily News: March 2, 1979 US Peace Plan - Israel - Jimmy Carter; Muhammed Ali and Kent Green' 
New York News 1979 Newspaper 
Muhammad Ali - article and photo of Ali. Ali says he wants Kent Green, who beat as amateur. Cover: US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and Israel's Menachem Begin. China bids Viets join talk on endiping war; Elvis Presley's relatives: Lisa Maria, Priscella and Vernon; The Peking bit and the nuclear bark by Patrick Buchanan; Shirley Temple - "Little Miss Marker" and casting calls for a remake; Music group Dire Straits; "Norma Rae" movie with Sally Field and Ron Leibman; Advertisement for "Superman" starring Christopher Reeve; Songstress Judy Stevens, Larry Bird (photo) , Indiana State All-American. Outer edges of the cover has tears. 
Price: 25.00 USD
19 35th International Congress on the History of Medicine: Final Programme Kos Isand, Greece 
1996 Booklet Good 
Creases and a few marks. Provides lists of Topics and Speakers including History of Hospital, Women in Health Sciences, Medicine in Ancient Civilisations, etc. Color advertisements in the back. Brochure is written in English; some of the ads are written in Greek 
Price: 15.00 USD
20 A Make-Believe Chanukah: a Play for Children in Three Acts, with Prolog Leiser, Joseph
Department of Synagog and School Extension of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1922 Pamphlet Fair 
Reading copy. Stapled wraps. Cover stamped, pages and cover have heavy creases. Water stains throughout. 24 pages. Includes Suggestions for Production, Character lists, Prolog 
Price: 7.70 USD
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